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Autumn Season 2023 (HT - 23)


Dance 1x /week  2550 kr.

Dance 2x /week  4300 kr.



Bronze membership

2550 kr. (14 classes)

Silver membership

4450 kr. (28 classes)

100+ classes


Recommended membership if you wish to take more than 2 classes per week.

Unlimited access to all classes, all levels! 6000 kr.

also includes international guest classes

  1. Bronze Membership: This tier is designed for individuals who are just starting out or have a limited schedule. Bronze members have access to a total of 14 classes each season. This membership is ideal for those who are testing the waters and want to see if they enjoy hip hop dance before committing to a more comprehensive membership.

  2. Silver Membership: This tier is suitable for individuals who have a stronger commitment to dance and want to advance their skills. Silver members have access to a wider range of classes, with a total of 28 classes each season. This membership is perfect for those who are looking to improve their technique and gain more experience.

  3. AllYouCanDance Membership: This is the top tier of memberships, designed for individuals who want the full Gravity Hip Hop Dance Studio experience. Unlimited members have unlimited access to all classes and amenities, including International Workshops and exclusive events. This membership is ideal for individuals who are serious about their dance journey and want to take their skills to the next level.                                    


Each membership tier is designed to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual, and the studio offers flexible options for members to upgrade or downgrade their membership as needed.



One Class - 220kr


Any cancellation made less than two weeks prior season beginning will not be refunded. 
If you have a doctors note claiming that you can not participate this season, all or part of fee may be applied to future services.



§ Force Majeure Gravity Stockholm skall inte hållas ansvarig för skada, ekonomisk eller annan, som orsakas av lag, myndighetsåtgärd, krigshändelse, strejk, lockout, blockad, bojkott eller annan liknande omständighet.

Plats: Solna Business Park, Svetsarvägen 13, 171 41 Solna

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