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Meet The Team

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Elin Karabuda

Founder, Creative Director, Teacher

Elins dance journey started with her seeking out world class dance creators online and studying their work, to taking part in the highest profile dance educations across Europe and in USA to learn from them first hand. Alongside she has been crafting her own dance, and has continued to do so ever since. 


Together, Elin and Mantas Rimeikis began learning deeper about dance cultures, enriching their movement expression and their lifestyle. In 2017 they started Gravity to help more people take dance further and to spread the dance joy.

Mantas Rimeikis

Founder, Creative Director, Teacher

Driven by curiosity, Mantas has traveled across Europe and USA to attend highest profile dance educations & camps, where he learned first hand from world class teachers & choreographers. 


Continuously exploring dance cultures & other elements surrounding it, Mantas is living an ever evolving creative dance lifestyle. In hopes to provide a safe & encouraging space for the curious, he together with Elin Karabuda started Gravity in 2017. 


Nan Phumiphak


Nan started out as a freestyle dancer at a very young age. He has trained at Gravity since the very beginning & has been in every Training Program edition. Combining both areas, Nan has developed an undeniable understanding of his body. Watching him move effortlessly is such a joy.

In his classes you will gain perspective in connecting and expanding movement in exciting new ways.

Ebba Levin Mead


Ebba is a Gravity grown artist. She has been present and hardworking in every single Training Program edition. She is creatively driven, eager to grow and she lifts her students up with her.

Ebba brings RAW emotion to her dance & creates warm atmosphere in her class.


Lova Ocklind


Lova has been training at Gravity since the start and has attended all Training program editions. Even as a student she went out of her way to contribute with a fun and warm atmosphere, so early on she had valuable attributes of a role model. She is passionate, hard working and is always looking for ways to challenge herself and her students. 

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